Sunday, May 21, 2006

love Frisco, don't you?

Skylar has a policy about Celebrities Stalking Us (CSU's) -- I try to ignore it. "Try" is the key word here... whether or not we should believe that famous celebrites stalk us...

for whatever reason . . .

I don't know. It just seems so much like paranoia.

Now if it's reality-based, meaning, it's for real that it's happening to you, I would also ignore that as well. Frankly, I would like to have a celebrity stalker to say hello to Skylar, (preferably a hot female), and give me money for bills and rent and a living.

Unfortunately, I need money bad right now. If you're going to stalk someone, at least give them money for the hassle. And perhaps a date or two as well. Is Skylar asking for too much? I mean, I'm not with COPSTAT or anything.

Of course, you celebs out least gimme some money. I have suffered for this long, you know. Now gimme money! I'm not kidding! Enough with the madness. Money! Now! Then I'll think about singing songs or telling jokes or whatever.

"banned101"... John CoLtrane, Pink Floyd, GURU, banned1, Jethro Tull, Us3, Miles Davis, Alan Watts, COMEDY SKITS, NEWS, COMMENTARY... WE GOT IT ALL! Bringin' back a little taste of freeForm Radio from the late sixties, a time when you never really knew what you'd hear next!

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